Does the media raise our children?

Do we need the media, or the law to tell us how to raise our children, really? Last week I saw a story which chaps my hide. On a family outing, it seems, a four year old boy was dropped off a bridge into a river by an adult friend of the mother. He emerged unharmed into the care of another adult. True, the boy screamed. True, he was scared, but unharmed. From all appearences, in the video, the boy was never in any danger. It was all in fun.

The mistake the mother made was in posing the video on social media. The mainstream media got ahold of it and are having a field day. Now the mother is up on charges of child endangerment. The media is crying for blood, saying the mother should be imprisoned, and the boy put in foster-care. Why so he can be abused, sexually abused, or worse. Haven't you heard the horror stories about foster-care. 

But that's all fine, until it happens to you for nothing more than taking your kid out for some fun. Why can't those ppl just mind their own damn business. Soon enough, the media will spur-on the government to take all our kids, and then what? 

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  1. mamabutterfly

    I think you just answered your own question here so what are you hoping to gain from this? Hi there, I just read this and felt the need to comment on it. Your asking a question of who or what is raising our children. You should have formed it differently. It sounds like you are speculating here, exacting the same that social media has done to this mother. Really though, do you know all the facts? Did you before posing this question? Forgive me if it sounds like a I am critiquing your judgement here but in all respect you are doing the very same as the question you are asking. You know about this happening how, through word of mouth, internet, or the news. The story you talking about here…was is it a story on the news, is that where you got your information from? If so, then your defying your own answer here. You said this is about a mother who reportedly dropped her son off of a bridge which prompted a public outcry from those who read it, so therefore now media wants this child to be turned in to a foster home, or to be taken away from the mother because this is what was seen by others. Whether it was all in good fun or not she is still being ridiculed for her parenting skills by other people, when really no body knows the actually facts of the case. People are drawing their own conclusion based on what they heard or saw, yet you are doing the very same thing. You are speculating on what you have been informed of. Just like as you described of foster homes….saying ’Haven’t you heard the horror stories about foster-care.’ You are basing your thought about foster home by the stories you have heard, well the very same stands for this story about how the mainstream media got a hold of it and are having a field day with it.

    Really though in all respect how can you make this judgement based on what you heard, because that’s pretty much the same as what the public is saying about the mother. You nor they know all the facts, however everyone else who saw this or heard it is making their own assumptions and drawing their own conclusion when really all that is, is speculation.

    I understand the point you are making, but that is exactly what is wrong with mainstream media, everyone draws their own opinion before knowing all the facts. Everyone knows you cannot always believe everything you hear, and really no one actually knows a real truth unless it is happening to them themselves.

    My philosophy is this, if you want to know the truth, then you must go to the source.
    Not the one who said it, not the one who said they saw it because then it just becomes hearsay. It is no different than your thoughts of foster-care. It applies the same all the way around. Mainstream media does not always have it right, news can easily be tweeked and actual facts can be easily changed and from that it draws out public opinion. If one wants to know the truth its always best to go directly to the source.

    September 20, 2016
    1. alvinkeithhutchins

      Thank you, please continue to follow my blog.

      October 19, 2016