Drew in School

Earlier, I was watching the Drew Berrymore movie, Never Been Kissed. Those who've seen the movie know that Drew plays a copy-editor turned reporter who finds herself assigned to go undercover posing as a high school student. To keep it simple, at first, she fumbles the assigment, dropping the ball on two possible stories. Then her boss has a brainstorm, and tells her to act on a young teacher's apparent romantic interest in the 17 year old student she's pretending to be. The focus of the story is; How far do student/teacher relationships go? Will he cross the line?  

This brought to mind the stories i've read, seen, and heard lately. WTF is wrong with teachers today? Most shocking, the WOMEN. With 13 year olds, really? Not to mention the tired old jokes from guys, "Where were these teachers when I was in school?" Seriously, there's nothing funny about it. There is some validity to the question, where were these teachers back in the day? They seem to be popping out of the woodwork, today. Did it not happen then, or was it just not reported?

Another question I ponder is; Do the laws go to far? In Texas, Improper relations with a student, is a fellony sexual offence, even if the student is 18 or older. Hello????? Is not an 18 year old a concenting adult? A teacher who is convicted will loose certification, have to register as a sex offender, be placed on probation, or imprisonned. If this is not enough, they're not allowed to teach again, their career is over. Is this justice?  To ruin a person's life for having sex with another cocenting adult? A matter of ethics, yes, but law?

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