Free at Last

I cried out to God, "Lord, I need closure, set me free, let me file for divorce. I have bibical grounds, according to Your word." He answered, but, not in the way I expected. His answer was to reveal the truth, she divorced me when she walked out, when she made her decision. Marriage is a matter of the heart, likewise, divorce. The closure I needed is in this answer, finally, I am free. All that remains, is just paper. A marriage license is just paper, that's why same-sex "marriage" doesn't matter. Likewise, divorce papers. I don't need to file for divorce to make it "official", for closure. It's done, we're divorced, and I am FREE! Ironically, I didn't want this kinda freedom. This is not what I wanted. It goes angainst my beliefs. Marriage is a life-long unbreakable covenant. Jesus' words are clear, "What God has brought together, let NO ONE seperate." But, did God bring us together? The Word is clear, Do not be un-equally yoked, believers are not to marry non-belivers. I knew this, but I didn't listen. She wasn't a Christian when we were married. She claimed to become a Christian later, but, did she. I don't know, how can I? No one knows, but she and God. She seemed to walk the walk, for awhile. Where are her works now? James wrote, "Show me your faith, and I will show you my works. Faith without works is DEAD." DEAD FAITH DOES NOT SAVE. Only living faith saves. My Lord said, " You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free". 



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