Thursday, July 7, 2016; Dallas,Tx. Three days earlier America had just celebrated the 240th anniversity of the Decaration of Independence. A document which states: "All men are created equal." A belief apparently not shared by a man who heartlessly gunned down 12 innocent people. Five of these were police officers, layed to rest just this week. 

STOP THIS RACE BULLSHIT! There is only ONE race, the HUMAN RACE! We are NOT differnt colors, with the exception of albinos, we are ALL brown. Like a box of Crayolas, we are differnt shades. We have different eyes, ears, noses, and lips. How boring would it be if we were all the same? Even so, we are all HUMAN, created in the image of God. He in His infinte wisdom made us different. And THIS is how we honor His image? THIS is how we THANK Him for our differences, our uniquenesses?

Let's STOP killing one another because we are differnt, and let's embrace one another because we are. We are all HUMAN, created in God's image. Let's honor His image. 

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