When I first heard that the Supream Court had ruled against states laws outlawing same sex marriage, I was mad. As a Christian, I'm against same sex marriage. The Word of God is clear that in the beginning, He created human beings male and female. As it is written; A man shuld not be with a man, and a woman should not be with a woman. This is gonna piss some of you off, I'm sorry, but, this is America, I'm free to believe what I believe. Also, my blog, my thoughts. Besides this, I believe in the Soveriegnty of the States. 

What is marriage? Define it, can you? According to the so called "Christian" conservative right, marriage is between one man and one woman. But they are WRONG. That's gonna piss the other half of you off, c'est la vie. Look closer at the first marriage, there are three ppl there, God, Adam, and the Woman. 

Marriage is an UN-breakable covenant, a blood covenant. That is why the marriage is consumated on the wedding night, when the woman's hymen is broken, the couple passes through the blood. There-by, making an unbreakable covenant. A true marriage must-needs-be between GOD, one man and one woman, anything less is NOT a marriage.  That's not to say, that a Godless marriage cannot succeed, any two ppl, who agree, can make it work, as long as they both choose. 

This is God's plan, let it not be defiled:  Jeanelijah, a voice of one crying out from the wilderness.

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