Once more to the Brink

And so, here we are, once again. Again with the outrage, again with the out cry,"More gun control." And more, until we stomp the 2nd amendment into the ground. And only criminals have guns. Or do you suppose Mr. Criminal says, "Gee, I have a ciminal record, I don't qualify for a gun. Shucks, darn, I guess I won't get one." No, surely you're rational enough to realize that this sinerio never happens. Mr. Criminal purchases a Saturday Night Special from his friendly neighborhood gun czar. Surely you don't suppose that one intent on committing a crime would aquire said weapon of choice via leagal  means. And yet, apparently, some elected to reprsent us, do. Is it just me, or do you see how ludicrous this is?

50 dead, 52 more injurred. Who is this Omar? Some kinda domestic, homebred radical, as the mass media would have us to believe? Surely the liberal biassed media wouldn't report anything that's not true, would they? They would double and tripple check their facts before they reported, right? A gay bar in Orlando, and as far as I've thus far heard, no one's played the,"Hate crime" card?(really, aren't all crimes hateful?)

What about this Omar dude? Is he a Muslim? Does it matter? He gunned down over a hundred ppl, 50 of whom, are dead. Is Mr. Trump right? Do we need to keep all the Muslims out until we figure out what's going on? Well, I got news for you, Don, the terrorist are already here. They walk among us, hiding in plain sight. Waiting for their moment to strike. And no amount of tough talk, or foot-putting-in-mouth, miss-spoken speach is gonna stop them. And that goes for you too, Hill, and you as well, Bern. (Funny, they say the republicans are devided, but ol'Bernnie held on til the bitter end. At least Cruz bowwed out and admitted defeat.) Make no mistake, dear reader. They're here, they're waiting, and if you think this was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. Why????? Because humanity is evil to the core. Who said ppl were basicly good, hummmmm?

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