+Rants of the Phoenix

I am Phoenix, I am rising from the ashes of a broken life, into the wonder of a greater and much more amazing and abundant life! My wife and my love of near 20 years left me in the lowest point in my life. After I loaded the truck, and our kids were on board, I took her in my arms for one last kiss, goodbye. "I love you", said I. "I love you", she paroted. But, was it a lie? Shocked and numb, I stood silent watching as the tail lights disapeared around the corner. Dumbfounded, I stood motionless as something wet rolled down my cheek. After picking up the pieces of the dead thing that lay shattered in the drive, I found my myself sitting on the porch steps, having a smoke. There I reflected on how easily, coldly, she had ripped the thing from my chest, and slammed it downward into the hot, broken concrete on which she stood, that sweltering june afternoon. That had been June 23,2014. SHE NEVER LOOKED BACK.

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  1. alvinkeithhutchins

    I don’t give a rat’s ass who likes it, it is what it is, PERIOD end of discussion!

    November 08, 2015