Been awhile since I've posted a blog, to those who've missed me, I whole-heartedly appologize. I doubt anyone's missed me. Even so, I'm back. Mental Illness, Mental Disorder; Do these words frighten you? What images do they invoke in your mind, dear reader? What do you think when a friend confides that he or she is seeing a psychiatrist, or therapist? Suppose your friend is taking meds. for Depresion, or Bi-Polar Disorder? Would you think less of him? Would you say to her, you just gotta snap outta it, think happy thoughts, get up and do something, take your mind off it. Would you say to your BFF, You can't act like that, that's inappropriate. Get a grip, calm down, count to ten, stop and think about what you're doing. Or suppose you go see your Dr. because you just feel tired all the time, just plain don't feel good, you barely even have the motivation to even get outta bed,hell you barely got yourself to the Dr. Your only there because your wife wouldn't stop nagging you. Just really sad, that's all, everybody gets a little sad once in a while, there's nothing wrong. Or is it an anger issue. Or impulsive behavior, irresponcible spending when you damn well know you have bills to pay. Screw 'em, I'll pay 'em later, haven' fun now. You just can't help yourself, you lost control. Well, you're right, you can't. You're sick. Mental Illnesses (mental disorders) are Physical Illnesses, caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. We who are mentally ill, are no more responsible for our behavior than cancer patient is for his symtoms. And yet we are held accountable. This is a GREAT INJUSTICE and it needs to STOP! We are sick, and it's NOT our faults! STOP THE MADNESS!

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