U.S. Sexaphobic Hysteria

We are living in a sexaphobic, hysterical society. Spurred on by the mass media, we in the U.S. are afraid of sex. We have an irrational fear that our chiildren and grand-children may be sexual creatures. We have an irrational fear that people over forty may have a sex drive. Don't you dare say that our grand-parents may enjoy sex. Thou fool, how do you think you got here? 

We call an older woman who dates younger men a cougar, and think it's cute. We call an older man who even dares look at a younger woman a perv., pedifile, and PREDITOR, and say he's sick. Thou fool, do you not know that a cougar is a PREDITOR! 

What do you think, that a cougar is a sweet little furry pet? A cougar is a blood-thirsty, cold-hearted KILLER! Natures perfect killing machine. It's in the nature of the cat. Thou fool, do you think because it's related to your pussy cat, that it's a furry little pet. I have a cat whose been killing squirles since he was 3 months old. Your pet pussy would kill you, if he could, it's in his nature. 

Likewise, it's in a man's nature to desire a beautiful woman, wheather she is 20 or 120. Thou fool, does a man stop having a sex drive just because he is over 40? Are we older men just supposed to roll over and die? I say nay, I refuse! 

Young man, do you think yourself immune? Your time is comming. You call me perv., pedifile, and PREDITOR, they will call you worse. Take your BALLS out of her purse, reclaim your masculanity, and stand-up and be a man, before it's too late! THERE IS NO SHAME IN BEING A MAN! Be men, or suffer the consequences.

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