What? Again?

For now on a couple of weeks, the kidnapping of a `Tennesse teen has been national news. Once again a trusted teacher is alledgedly to blame. Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder if this time of event is happening way to frequently as of late? Just what is the issue here? Surely with sex offender registration and background checks at the click of a mouse, these teachers aren't criminals. So, WTF is causing these law abiding citizens to go rouge?

Is it posible that sex offender registration and background checks aren't sufficient? Gee, what a concept. Was it Shakesphear who said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."? So why isn't there a more efffective way to screen these perverts out. Aren't schools supposed to be safe? And aren't local governments, AKA school boards, supposed to keep them safe? Let's not over look school shootings, while we're at it. Oh, wait, Gun Control is the answer. To what end? Until the Second Ammendment is repealled?

And what should be done when this rouge teacher is caught. Hang him by his balls. As it is the punishment for teachers convicted of inapropriate relations is pretty severe. It should be obvious that more cure is not the answer. I say it's high time that school boards and local goverments find prevention that works. Let's make our schools safe.

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Comments (2)

  1. stevehayes13

    “An ounce of prevention…” Benjamin Franklin.

    March 31, 2017
    1. alvinkeithhutchins

      Thank you. Now I know.

      April 02, 2017